Fusion VBC was started in 2011 with 5 teams. Our mission was to increase the level of play in Central PA.

Today we have approximately 15 teams and are known at both the Regional and National level as top-tier club that is highly competitive club and is committed to positive culture. We have great athletes but look for even greater people (good teammates, driven to be successful, dedicated, unafraid of failure, etc.). Our practices are fast-paced, competitive and A LOT of fun!

For the 2021-2022 season Fusion will field approximately 15 teams from U12-U18.

Our teams will consist of 10-11 players each. We feel that due to the competitive nature of our practices, our rigorous competition schedule, and the fact that we play through the cold & flu season that having at least 10 players is paramount.

We recognize that playing time is a significant factor when picking a club. We promise that everyone will get play time at events, but play time will not necessarily be equal.

Fusion VBC understands the value of being a well-rounded athlete. We routinely work with our athletes to make it possible to play other school sports.

Open communication and understanding of schedules ASAP make it possible to limit conflicts. Coaches and Club Director should be made aware of these situations as early as possible to create a plan that works for the team and the athlete.

Yes. We expect that our coaches dedicate time to put together thoughtful, detailed practice plans and expect that our athletes will dedicate the time necessary to improve their skills and the ability of the “team”. We certainly have exceptions, but generally…players need to practice.

The club tryouts are at the end of October and early November. Practice begins the first week of December. The length of the season will vary by age group, but generally:

U12-U14 teams play into Mid-March to limit conflicts with PIAA Middle School Volleyball

U15-U18 teams play into May with some exceptions for the our Blue teams that may play until late June/early July.

Each team will have two practices per week. Practices are on Sunday (afternoon/evening) and one evening per week. All practices take place at our home facility – Camp Hill Sports Center (3608 Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill, PA)

U12-U14 teams play into Mid-March to limit conflicts with PIAA Middle School Volleyball

U15-U18 teams play into May with some exceptions for the our Blue teams that may play until late June/early July.

Generally, tournaments do not cancel. However, if it is unsafe to travel Fusion VBC may drop from the event.

Practices generally do not cancel except for extreme icy conditions. If players/families feel that travel is too dangerous, they can be excused as necessary. Our families travel from all over PA and weather/travel conditions may vary based on location.

The costs to play for Fusion VBC vary for based on age group and tournament schedule. The cost ranges from $1,025 to $2,700. The price includes jerseys, spandex, coaches, equipment, tournaments, practices, insurance, etc. Payment plans will be available for all players and will be discussed in further detail after being placed on a team.

The more expensive teams travel more often and to locations with a higher cost of living (ie. Philly, DC, Baltimore, Orlando, etc). A breakdown of team costs and details are provided on our website.

Yes. The specific fundraising opportunities will be discussed at the “Welcome to Fusion” night at the start of the season. In general, Fusion VBC will support ALL efforts to fundraise but will look for parent’s assistance in setting them up.

Fusion VBC offers multiple ways of communication of information:

  1. Weekly emails from the Club Director
  2. Website updates
  3. Facebook/Instagram
  4. Coaches may also send team text/messages as well.

Fusion VBC works diligently to bring in the appropriate coaches for our athletes. These coaches have a lot of skill and experience teaching the game. They will be trained in the Fusion VBC program philosophy and verbiage so that we are all on the same page throughout the club. Our coaches will not have bias’ (no parent coaches or HS Varsity coaches) that would affect their decisions on players.

We believe that we have an amazing group of coaches that are excited to work with each player that enters our gym! Please check out the Staff Page for a biography on each coach.