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2023-2024 Team Offers (U15-U18)

Thanks to everyone who showed up to tryouts this weekend!  What an AWESOME turnout!! In fact, it was a record turnout for both overall numbers and talent at each age bracket! This is going to push us to be able to provide more opportunities next year to get more players into our program. We love to see how the sport is growing with the young ages and are happy that you are trusting Fusion VBC with your daughters development!  I wish that we could everyone, but logistics and our desire to provide everyone with a high-quality experience, prevents it…

In order to accept or decline your spot at Fusion VBC, please send an email to fusionvbc@yahoo.com and fusionvbc1@gmail.com saying the following:  “My Daughter_____(name)__________ would like to accept or decline the offer from Fusion VBC to play on the U15 Blue, U15 White, U15 Gray, U16 Blue, U16 White, U16 Gray, U17 Blue, U17 White or U18 Blue team during the 2023/2024 season.”

Please note the following:

  1. You will have until Friday Night at 7:00 PM to respond to your offer before the offer is forfeited and extended to our alternates. If you choose to go to another Club, please let us know ASAP so that the offer can be extended to the appropriate Alternate.
  2. All offers are listed numerically by tryout number.  After receiving all team acceptances and teams are complete, the player names will be updated on the website to reflect the team roster.
  3. Each player selected for a team will also receive an email offer invite (shortly after 7:00 PM on Wednesday night)
  4. All alternates will be contacted immediately by phone and email if a spot opens up. Please note that all Blue team alternates are guaranteed a spot on the White team and all White team Alternates are guaranteed a spot on the Gray team (if applicable).
  5. Following team completions, everyone will hear from us with next step instructions.
  6. If your daughter did not make a team do not be discouraged.  There were A LOT of players and relatively few spots.  Work hard in the offseason and we hope to see them next year!

PLEASE NOTE: Numbers in () means that they are also Alternates for another team.

Team Info/Pricing can be at: https://fusionvbc.com/about-us-copy/


ALL practice days/times will be announced next week following the completion of all teams.  We have a lot of athletes traveling a distance and we want to try to accommodate teams with multiple players with long travel times.


Now what you have all been waiting for…

U15 Blue
Head Coach: Gage Boisvert
Asst Coach: Kellan Ruf

TEAM COMPLETE: Madison Celesnik, Lauren Hanson, Katie Kendall, Kate Lachance, Hailey Leister, Alexa Leister, Rylie Lena, Kaitlin Magel, Sophia Thompson, Sophie vander Veldon, Emily Wolfe


U15 White
Head Coach: Jessica Justice
Asst Coach: Alexandra Kon

TEAM COMPLETE: Charlotte Diduszyn, Rebekah Fletcher, Lily Frey, Emma Heckard, Payton Miller, Kamryn Taylor, Ashlyn Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Ryleigh Trump, Kate van Bastelaar, Miranda VanKirk


U15 Gray
Head Coach: Corrie Leister
Asst Coach: Erick Hanson

TEAM COMPLETE: Kayleigh Baker, Lily Finley, Gabby Gongora, Rory Kane, Adalynn Boyer, Eva DeBold, Ainsley Fleischer, Emily Kieff, Maren Miller, Liza Zander


U16 Blue
Head Coach: Lauren Bond
Asst Coach: Morgan Whiteman

TEAM COMPLETE: Mia Beckett, Bri Eyster, Bella Lutter, Ava Lyijynen, Gabby Marshall, Hannah McInerney, Summer Means, Ava Sansom, Rachel Shipley, Chloe Shirk, Olivia Von Neida


U16 White
Head Coach: Samantha Heffer
Asst Coach: Paige Westra

TEAM COMPLETE: Reagan Cramer, Maddie Farabaugh, Eliana Inch, Karlee Martin, Angelica Daly, Audrey Granger, Nizaya Hawkins, Klara Helman, Kassidy Mitchell, Savannah Tack, Charlotte Williams


U16 Gray
Head Coach: Gracie Britten
Asst. Coach: Jena Minnick

TEAM COMPLETE:  Lyndsie Bomgardner, Claire Borcky, Jasmine Coble, August Dellinger,  Hannah Helmer, Emma Hudson, Sophia Olivetti, Kennedy Paul, Alexa Riccio, Alaina Veliuona, Ava Weigher


U17 Blue
Coaches: TJ Shultz
Asst. Coach: Casey Hawbaker

TEAM COMPLETE: Madi Bogovic, Laylah Chestnut, Emma Ciesielka, Mackenzie Cover, Jayda Gray, Alexandra Haskins, Meredith Keefer, Addilyn Kegerreis, Tessa Lee, Morgan Quinn, Laura Smith


U17 White
Head Coaches: Jarrad Hankins & Rodney Weber

TEAM COMPLETE: Sophia Avila, Alannah Barrette-Sullivan, Maya Brainard, Katie Chang, Kaylee Dougherty, Alayna Jones, Isabella MacCall, Samantha Lutz, Zaida Moore, Sadie Palermo, Ariella Towsey


U18s  Blue
Coaches: Matt Uibel
Asst. Coach: Malina Beideman

TEAM COMPLETE:   Lucy Broadrick, Alaina Ceo, Aviana Chilmaza, Courtney Foose, KiLee Kuhlman, Samantha McAuliffe, Katherine Sansom, Marin Shands, Alana Shiery, Maggie Turner, Abbey Zavoda


Congratulations to all of those chosen to make our teams this season!